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Your Guide

Your Guide

I have a degree in Art History and Heritage and am a national tour guide. I am very flexible and know how to adapt to all audiences, from young children to senior citizens. I have experience with all types of audiences and in various structures: cultural institutions (Louvre Museum, Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation, Montrouge Belfry, Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Musée d'Orsay, Monnaie de Paris, Samaritaine, Centre Pompidou, Petit Trianon, etc. ), places of welcome (EHPAD, senior citizens' clubs in Paris and the Ile-de-France, residences for the elderly,


etc.) or public places (media libraries). Initially a specialist in the symbolist pastelist Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer and 19th century art, my various experiences have led me to cover and work on vast historical periods (Mesopotamian art, Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Contemporary art) as well as in various fields (Fine Arts and Photography in particular). I am also able to offer various services: guided tours of permanent or temporary exhibitions, architectural walks, tailor-made lectures, video conferences, art workshops, accompanying groups of seniors on cultural outings, etc. Moreover, as a family carer, I can adapt to people with disabilities (cognitive, reduced mobility). Finally, although my preferred language is French, I am also able to offer tours in English.

My Expertise


I have worked in numerous institutions, adapting my remarks to varied audiences, themes and contexts: guided tours of the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions of the Louvre Museum or the Orsay Museum, visits on the theme of fine jewelry for adults, course on classical painting for children, visit to the architectural and monumental heritage of the city of Bordeaux for students, mediations in contemporary art in schools or at the Belfry of Montrouge, videoconferences on the history of art and general culture in Parisian EHPADs and senior clubs, etc.
I'm ready for the next challenge!

In addition to guided tours, I am used to working with young children in art workshops. Whether it is the design (programme, preparation of materials) or the animation, I am used to accompanying and supervising children, whatever the technique (photography, painting, puppetry, design, textile).


Thanks to my university training, I am able to write professional content, particularly in the field of art history. Indeed, writing my dissertation presenting my results from 2 years of research allowed me to perfect my writing skills. I am therefore used to gathering information and writing notes on artists, exhibitions, conferences on request, educational files, as well as biographies and even bibliographies.

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My Main Clients

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